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June 13, 2018
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November 12, 2018
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Obsurvative with Wenyewe Graffiti Art

Deep inside is a mine called self, the depths wherein lies our wealth. More often we overlook this deep and seek to find wealth outside ourselves. I think it’s how we define wealth. What is wealth? Well to me Kuwa Mwenyewe is Wealth.


Siblings scuffling over ownership of doll

As a child I learned there were things that belonged to “wenyewe” and had to be respected, not touched unless consented to by “wenyewe” so I learned to respect Wenyewe and so desired to Kuwa Mwenyewe.

However, the young me only saw possessions, material wealth, a narrative the environment sells to us through the media and the culture; recall the saying “Mwenye Nguvu Mpishe”? Now you understand.

My younger days were of less mindfulness but as I grew up I had troubles settling on who I truly am. I was hot tempered and I didn’t like it; my sister took in lots of blows from my fists. I never understood why I was so angry but I guess it’s the unsettling I had with myself. As I understood myself better I knew I wanted less anger and more peace which became my pursuit. This earned me “softie” I hate the name, but I love peace more.


Brother and sister fighting

My severed relationship with my sister healed with time as I learned to control my anger and avoid any scenarios that would have us both exchanging words; I’d never beat her at words, so I would resort to fists and hurting her was something I honestly never loved, there was never any content in punishing her.

So my first lesson in discovering myself was that I’m a person who loves peace. My short temper couldn’t allow me and so I had to learn self-control. My first step was a prayer to God to never allow a fight between me and my sister, and so far gaining control has taught me more about life than just controlling one’s anger.

Control, remember “Wenyewe”? When young we were taught not to touch anything of “Wenyewe” unless they consent, meaning they have control over that which they own. This got me thinking a lot, how many of us have complete control over our lives? To have control over your own life means you own your life, you are Mwenyewe.


Wenyewe performing at a school mentorship in 2011

I started imagining but it wasn’t until I and my two friends started a music group that I coined the name WENYEWE for Warriors’ Epitome Nourishing the Young Entrepreneurally With Edutainment. I started thinking of the concept of Kuwa Mwenyewe prior to our first Wenyewe Concert in 3rd September, 2011.

The original concept was to bring young people to own their arts and talents, so if you excel in your art the idea was that you own the art.

We did several projects as WENYEWE until we owned the Art scene in Baringo, performing at various corporate functions including the Launch of the Nurses Week, Kenya in 2014.

We offered ourselves to perform Themed Entertainment in the Kamrio Marathon fundraiser dubbed Education For Peace in East Pokot. This broadened my concept of Kuwa Mwenyewe

Wenyewe Team Performing at the Kamrio Marathon


It dawned on me then that not only artists ought to own their art but everyone ought to own their talents, gifts, skills and profession to do significant things and impact positively in the society. Our host shared the need for mentoring the children; I already had the solution, in my mind, Kuwa Mwenyewe. All that remained was modelling the idea, Kamrio Mentorship.

So Kamrio Mentorship begun and as it gained footing and begun growing, so did the vision of Kuwa Mwenyewe gain clarity and direction.


Mentor Obsurvative and Mentee Victor Rutto featured in I Will, Kuwa Mwenyewe Music Video


When I wrote “I Will” I was making a commitment to myself to Kuwa Mwenyewe reflecting upon the things I’d love to accomplish in person and for the people I serve, the Pokot and the World at large.

The first verse begins with a personal journey; me committing to make a plan and follow it through to the latter to be.

I begin the second verse affirmative of being an Engineer as well as an Artist and using Art, Skills and Profession to heed my calling to mentor entrepreneurs.

I commit further to this cause offering my help to anyone in need as far as I am able to, that they too can Kuwa Wenyewe.

Written by Ronald [Obsurvative] Kimutai, Founder of Kuwa Mwenyewe

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