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May 29, 2018
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Victor Rutto the Son of Liman

At a glance, he is shy, timid and reserved; but let his bold charming smile reveal itself and you’ll feel more at home with this lad. His name is Victor Rutto Liman, a good listener, disciplined, assertive, and determined.

He is often silent, but among those older than he while quite actively engaged in conversations when with his age mates, quite playful. He is deliberate in his actions, you can tell watching him play soccer that he is a person who understands his role and is always willing to take up responsibility.

Rutto has a passion for bees, a fascination he’s held since he was a small boy. Aden, a friend and neighbor of his attests that the son of Liman is innovative in making bee hives from which his family gets honey to sell.

“In fact, we often buy honey from them”, asserts Aden and his love for bee hives has become a reputation preceding him wherever he goes. One friend from Chemolingot saw the I Will video and exclaimed “I know that boy, he has so many bee hives and he is very determined in education!”

Rutto learning with other mentees during Kamrio Mentorship

Talking of Bees, young Rutto is of the Bee (Siigh) Clan, Cheposolowoch who, like the Bees (Segem), are renowned to be hard working and very cooperative, sometimes quick tempered but peaceful; only sting when aroused, for Liman’s case to be precise, only when cornered and has no other way out, hehehe.

The Cheposolowoch clan is also renowned for wise leaders, and there’s actually one village elder seating at the Kamrio village council from the clan.

Victor is the fifth born son to Mrs Chepokotony Liman, the third wife to Mr. Liman and a mother of ten. She’s often addressed as Kama Aratich with reference to the name of her firstborn daughter, Aratich.

He is the first among his mother’s children to get a chance to education. He studied at Kamrio primary school, at Kamrio village, in Akoret, East Pokot, Baringo County, Kenya. He did his KCPE in 2017, scored a brilliant 285 marks and was the 4th best student. This is despite the challenges in Kamrio primary school.

The school has inadequate teaching staff; currently only 5 TSC placed teachers and volunteers. The school also experiences inconsistent food supply due to government delays making it impossible to retain distant children at school despite being equipped with a boarding facility.

Kamrio primary school is the only KCPE School in Akoret (Kapau Division) so far and it first sat its students for the national examination in 2014.

Son of Liman, Rutto, salutes like a Captain Pilot he is determined to be

The son of Liman has a very positive attitude towards life. He is confident of what he desires for himself and his community. He aspires to be a pilot, like it’s a bee’s thing you know, hehehe. I’m just speculating his inspiration because he’s never had second thoughts about flying every time you ask him!

He wants to help orphans and educate people in his community. His greatest concern was that while the Kamrio mentorship program helped him and other youths of Kamrio, it did not as much educate and/or sufficiently meet the needs of the mothers.

He’s determined that with assistance meeting his school fees needs, he will accomplish his dreams and points out that the program would have greater impact by assisting the mothers develop their agriculture, increasing food production and diversifying the crops.

Rutto Liman with his Mentor Rebbea Zubili

“Rutto is Ambitious, Helpful and Responsible”, reports His Mentor Rebbea Zubili. “What impressed me most about him and is really unique is the fact that he keeps saying he wants ‘kueneza injili’, to spread the Gospel”, adds Rebbea, excited.

“He is Courageous”, another Mentor Vicky Jebet adds, “…and always willing to tell his vision.”

“He has been teaching Sunday school kids while at Kamrio”, reports June Cherop, a friend and neighbor of his who also notes that Victor usually helps his mother often with the house chores despite the fact that such roles are reserved for girls in their community.

Victor Rutto is currently in form one studying at Chemolingot High School. His mother has had to sell off some of her goats to furnish him with school uniform, books and study accessories and to settle part of his tuition and boarding fees. With nine other siblings needing her and her livestock the only source of food and income, she may not be able to sustainably cater for Rutto’s school needs. All is not lost though, son of Liman is ever hopeful, smiling.

I feel very connected to the son of Liman, not just as a mentor, but as a friend and a brother. His contribution to the I Will song video made it what it is; not only a beautiful story but as well a true reflection of what we are doing in East Pokot to transform the community through Kamrio Mentorship in advancing efforts towards realization of education for every Pokot child.

The success of the likes of Rutto, so far and their development in attaining education and education giving them a chance to a different way of life from the traditional – offering them an opportunity to utilize their gained knowledge and skills towards impacting positively in their community – will set a precedence that Education is truly worthwhile a cause to pursue so parents would let more of their children go to school and even inspire younger ones to choose education.

Rutto Liman (second from left) with fellow Mentees and their Mentor Rebbea Zubili (Second from right)

I appeal to you all reading this, to join us and see Rutto realize his dreams. Consider it worthwhile to pass on Christ’s love upon the son of Liman, to share with him your journey, your challenges, experiences and the odds this young man needs to rise against to realize his dreams, to fly.

Find pleasure in heeding this call to join us for Kamrio Mentorship mission trips during school holidays. Join us in supporting him and other mentees through Kamrio Mentorship. Contribute to or buy any of our products.

God bless you, God bless the son of Liman, God bless us all. Kuwa Mwenyewe.

Written by Obsurvative Kimutai; A Mentor, Engineer and an Artist, Founder of Kuwa Mwenyewe and Kamrio Mentorship

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