• Beginning in May by founders Mc Felchez, Cedarz Askoffu and Obsurvative
  • First T-shirt printing design
  • Schools Mentorship program within Eldama Ravine
  • First Wenyewe Concert 3rd September 2011


  • Kibagenge song hits in Kalenjin radio stations
  • Wenyewe does their first road show publicity
  • Accident, one of us, Cedarz Askoffu dies
  • 2nd Wenyewe Concert 29th December 2012


  • Launch of Kuwa Mwenyewe Concept at AIC E/Ravine Town Church, 27th – 28th April 2013
  • 3rd Annual Wenyewe Concert 31st August 2013
  • First Wenyewe Poetry monthly event is inaugurated 30th June 2013


  • Wenyewe Poetry consistent throughout the year
  • Wenyewe provides Themed entertainment services in an environmental event for the Launch of Greening of Eldama Ravine town 6th June 2014
  • Wenyewe provides themed entertainment during KEPHIS event themed utilization of certified seeds towards synergy for sustainable development
  • Wenyewe participates in the Ground breaking ceremony for launch of Ravine Technical Training Institute
  • Wenyewe marks the World’s International Day of the Girl Child, performing poetry to theme of the day “Ending the Cycle of Violence Against Women” during Form Four Prayers’ Day at Toniok Girls Secondary School
  • Wenyewe holds its first Annual Charity event, Carols n Bells partnering with AIC E/Ravine Town Church Youth using a Christmas play to communicate the love of Christ and the essence of giving during back to the community


  • Wenyewe initiates Wenyewe Twitter Chat every Thursday
  • Wenyewe Hosts first dinner event on Valentine’s Day
    Wenyewe Street Education event at Eldama Ravine town
  • Wenyewe provides themed entertainment during Kamrio Marathon in Kamrio, East Pokot, Baringo 30th May 2015
  • Wenyewe makes first Mentorship trip to Kamrio, Kamrio Mentorship I
  • Wenyewe does second annual Charity event, Carols n Bells and embarks on a second Mentorship and Charity visit to Kamrio, East pokot, Kamrio Mentorship II, December 2015
  • Wenyewe Prints first Kamrio T-shirts


  • Wenyewe introduces Kamrio and Mentor Wristbands
  • Wenyewe participates in DyeVersecity Festival 30th April 2016, at the August Memorial Park, Nairobi doing Art Experience
  • Wenyewe participates in the Untamed Imagination organized by Afrivazi on 4th June 2016 doing Art Experience at the Nairobi Gallery
  • Wenyewe partners with Medical Missions Africa for Kenya Mission in East Pokot on Mentorship June 7th – 14th 2016
  • Wenyewe executes Kamrio Mentorship III, November 23rd – 27th 2016