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Who We Are

We are wenyewe!

Wenyewe Team Performing at the Kamrio Marathon

Kuwa Mwenyewe is an Organization specialized in the Development and Implementation of Mentorship Programs and Community Development Strategies.

Kuwa Mwenyewe mentorship programs are tailored for individual and communal development for childhood, teenage and youth development; and community empowerment and development programs for the youth and women.

Kuwa Mwenyewe employs a problem solving and leadership approach towards enabling individuals and communities to own who they are, their talents, arts, skills and profession and utilize them to be actively involved to impact positively and better shape and develop in their own societies.

What We Do

We are all about mentorship and empowerment


Our Focus

The focus of the program is development of individual competencies to truly and holistically own their communities to realize individual growth and societal progress through self-discovery and awareness; application of self-discipline; character and attitude development; towards talent and skills development and enterprise development.


Our Model

Our model is to develop the spirit of ownership and an entrepreneurial culture by fostering individual responsibility and employing problems solving and leadership approach to enable individuals in society to take own initiatives, tap into existing opportunities and create opportunities where none seem existent and in so doing create wealth and grow socially and economically.

How we do it

How we do it

We design and develop mentorship programs, talent and skills development programs for school going children, teenagers, youth and women and community empowerment and development programs for the youth, and women.

We sustain our activities through enterprise development; developing and offering products and services to create and generate own revenue to fund community projects as well as partner with community stakeholders and partners, and provide avenues for donations from well-wishers and the Christian community to complement our work.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to Kuwa Mwenyewe to truly and holistically own our talents, art, skill and profession and to utilize them to impact positively in our society to enhance and actualize synergy towards sustainable growth and development.


Impacting lives

Akapel Women Group of Chepkarerat, Kamurio, East Pokot.

This is a group of 16 mothers committed to creating wealth and growing themselves economically based at Kamrio village in East Pokot.
They own a one-eighth piece of land where we installed a drip irrigation system, commissioned and ordained by Reverend Pastor David Kitur of African Gospel Church, Kamurio in November 26, 2016, to assist them grow organic vegetables.

They are currently growing Kales (Sukuma wiki) with approximate crop population of 2000 – 2500 plants every season and have a crop rotation with Tomatoes, Cabbages, Onions, Spinach managing 3 seasons annually.

We’re monitoring and evaluating their progress on farming, providing technical assistance and advice as well as any training necessary to improve on crop production and management.

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